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HUOS talk schedule

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing with the final HUOS talk schedule for the year. And a very exciting year it promises to be.

First up, we have Prof Mike Geppert, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, on Nov 9th, 1030-1200 room 4128. (just this once we are starting earlier, at 1020, and ending earlier, at 1200)

The title of the talk is "Reflections on the precarious and destructive effects of the colonization of the Lebenswelt of British academia”.


The paper has been written in the style of a provocative essay. It starts with the observation that particularly in the US and the UK Higher Education systems, neo-liberalism has become the leading ‘policy doctrine'. This has put increasing systemic political and the economic pressure on universities which not onlyundermined but also ‘colonized' the Lebenswelt or ‘lifeworld' (Habermas) of many academics. We are going to highlight and illustrate how the increasing dominance of ‘neo-liberal science' principles (Lave et al. 2010) severely damages the quality of knowledge production and working conditions of ordinary academics as knowledge workers. We will provide concrete empirical examples based on own experiences and secondary sources.

In terms of saving the date, here are the sessions for the remainder of the year, all 1100-1230 in room 4128. Light refreshments will be served. Details of the talks will be sent a few weeks prior.

Professor Guo Di, University of Hong Kong, December 14

Professor Damon Phillips, Columbia University, January 11

Please save both March 15 and March 22; Specific date as well as speaker TBA

Professor Xavier Castaner, HEC Lausanne, May 17th

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Niron, Tammar, Gili, Amalya, Michal, Micki