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Lev Muchnik is a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, School of Business Administration, Internet Studies Department. Between 2008 and 2012, he was Senior research scientist at the Information, Operations Management and Statistics Department of the Leonard N. Stern School on Business at New York University. Lev earned his Ph.D. in Physics from Bar Ilan University. His expertise lies in the collection and analysis of massive data sets representing large-scale social systems, and their modeling using tools borrowed from social sciences and statistical physics.

His recent work has been focused on theoretical and empirical problems related to the structure and evolution of social networks, as well as peer effects, the spread of behavioral norms, information diffusion, and other processes specific to networked environments. Jointly with collaborators, Lev developed a seminal method for the identification of peer influence in networks, and conducted large-scale randomized controlled experiments in online communities. His expertise includes the design of scalable microscopic simulations of complex multi-agent systems and time-series analysis, in particular of long-term memory and scaling characteristics of financial data.