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Dr. Micki Eisenman is a senior lecturer in the Organizational Behavior and Strategy groups at The Hebrew University's Jerusalem School of Business and the Director of the Asper Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She received her undergraduate degree in English and Communications from The Hebrew University, her M.B.A. from Tulane University, and her Ph.D. in Management from Columbia University.

Dr. Eisenman's research applies a constructivist perspective that examines how new meanings emerge in the context of firms' innovation efforts. Recent projects work to understand the intersection between the ways in which physical materials are merely textual manifestations which can be understood in a semiotic context, that is, as signs in a system of signification, and aspects of the material itself, as a substantive physical entity that both enables and constrains social interaction and interpretation. She studies these questions in the context of haute cuisine and workspace design. In other work, she examined how organizations communicate by using aesthetic design—the visible design attributes of a product, such as its shape, color, texture, or ornamentation—as well as the sensory, emotional, and cognitive responses these attributes elicit. These ideas are tested in the context of innovative architectural and industrial design using field observations, interviews, and archival data. In yet another series of projects, she examines the concept of generative appropriability, that is, how firms maximize the future potential value of their current innovations. She examines this question using patent citation data from firms in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.

Before joining the faculty at The Hebrew University, Dr. Eisenman served as an assistant professor at the City University of New York's Baruch College. Her work has appeared in the Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Management Studies, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Human Relations, and the Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship. She was awarded the first place in the 2004 INFORMS Organization Science Dissertation Proposal Competition and her work was nominated for the Academy of Management Review's Best Paper of 2013, Academy of Management's William H. Newman Award for outstanding dissertation-based research and the Managerial and Organization Cognition Division's Best Student Paper award. Additionally, Dr. Eisenman is a regular reviewer for leading management journals and serves on the board of Academy of Management Review.