In this task you are asked to read 5 blog posts written by an Internet user about a Hollywood movie.

Please judge what the main topic of the blog post is. Your available options are:

Option Select this option if ...
The actor(s) ... the main topic is the actor. The names of the two main actors will be provided.
The director ... the main topic is the director of the movie. The name of the director will be provided.
The movie itself, its production, storyline, or release ... the blog post is about the movie, its production, the storyline, or its approaching release.
Watching intentions ... the viewer indicates his/her intention to watch the movie.
Sales promotions and other products related to the movie ... the main topic is a sales promotion for the movie, merchandize, special deals, or related products such as video games or books about the movie. Note that the trailer is also sometimes termed "promotion". If the trailer is the topic, you should choose the "trailer" option.
The genre ... the blog post is about the movie as belonging to a genre.
The trailer (Choose only if the trailer is the main topic of the blog post) ... the main topic of the blog post is the movie trailer. A trailer might also be termed "promotion", "video", or "clip". Do not choose this option if the blog post mentions the trailer, but the trailer is not its main topic.
Professional critics' reviews (look for the word Review) ... the blog post cites or refers to reviews of the movie (usually by professional critics), or is itself a review of the movie. Look for the word Review.
Another movie ... the movie is mentioned, but the main topic is actually another movie.
A list of movies (Choose only if the movie appears as part of a list with none or almost no additional details) ... the blog post is simply a list of movies. This is very common for some Web posts. Choose this option only if multiple movies are listed, without providing more details or further relating to its other aspects.
This blog post is not in English ... the blog post text is not English (e.g. Spanish, Arabic etc.)
Other ... the topic of the blog post is not related to the movie, and only if none of the above categories match. This does not happen often.

  • A blog post can discuss several aspects of the movie. Please choose the aspect which you think is the main topic of the blog post. For example, in the blog post: ''The movie Case 39 by Christian Alvart is the best horror movie of the year'', the main topic is the genre, although it mentions the director as well.
  • A blog post can discuss several movies. Please judge with respect to the movie ${MovieTitle2}
  • It is OK if you have not watched the movie. If you need more information about the movie, you can find it on IMDb
Here you find examples of a typical task in this HIT. The correct answer is given below each example.


A radiant Jennifer Connelly and her baby bump stole the show at the premiere of The Dilemma this week. The 40-year-old actress was absolutely glowing as she hit the red carpet in Chicago wearing a simple and chic grey floor-length gown. She will welcome her third child this year, having announced the happy news that she and actor husband Paul Bettany were expecting back in December. The Oscar winner is already a mum to the couple's seven-year-old son Stellan, and also to 13-year-old Kai from a previous relationship with photographer David Duggan. Appearing on the David Letterman show recently, Jennifer revealed the first three months of her pregnancy were "very sketchy". "You know like when you have your cell phone and you have to stand in one spot…it was like that with nausea," she said. "I had to stand in one spot, which happened to be in front of my refrigerator which was open with me dipping pretzels in cream cheese and stuffing them in my mouth." Jennifer stars in The Dilemma alongside stars including new dad Vince Vaughn, Winona Ryder and Channing Tatum.


The correct answer is: The actor(s)


Gore Verbinski is out promoting his first animated film, "Rango," but luckily for us, he's willing to talk about other things as well. I mean, it would be very disappointing if someone asked him, "Gore, why did the 'Bioshock' project never come together?" and he replied, "Well, that reminds me of a moment in 'Rango...'" Which brings us to that "Bioshock" question. "Bioshock" was one of the most successful and critically acclaimed video game releases of the last few years, with a complex, well-thought out story that just cries out "movie!" Verbinski was attached to a plan to bring the game to the big screen, but it didn't work out. He told ComingSoon why: "I couldn't really get past anybody that would spend the money that it would take to do it and keep an R rating," he explained, "Alternately, I wasn't really interested in pursuing a PG-13 version. Because the R rating is inherent. Little Sisters and injections and the whole thing. I just wanted to really, really make it a movie where, four days later, you're still shivering and going, "Jesus Christ!" It's a movie that has to be really, really scary, but you also have to create a whole underwater world, so the pricetag is high. We just didn't have any takers on an R-rated movie with that pricetag." And he somewhat wistfully spoke about how it was an idea made for 3D: "[Bioshock] would be a great movie to do in 3D. I'd like to go into that world wearing a pair of glasses. I think in general, gaming is perfect for 3D. Anything where you're the protagonist. The kid in 'The Shining' on the big wheel, going around corridors. That's what 3D is perfect for. To make people feel on-edge." It is a shame, isn't it? Well, maybe some deep-pocketed, video game loving mogul will step in and put it together. Verbinski also talked a little bit about the "Lone Ranger" film he will direct starring Johnny Depp as Tonto and, well, someone, as the Lone Ranger. "It's sort of 'Don Quixote' told from Sancho Panza's point of view," said Verbinski of the Justin Haythe script, indicating that Depp's Tonto will actually be the main character, "...But it's coming along really great...[It] wouldn't shoot until next year, probably, because Johnny's doing 'Dark Shadows.'" Well, then, maybe it doesn't matter who is playing the Lone Ranger! "Rango" will be in theaters on March 4th.


The correct answer is: The director


"Mamma Mia!" star Dominic Cooper gets serious in the incredible true story of an Iraqi army lieutenant hired to double for Saddam Hussein's son, and we have a look behind the scenes! In limited release July 29, Cooper plays both men - lieutenant Latif Yahia and the notorious "Black Prince" Uday Hussein - in this white-knuckle story of money, power and opulent decadence in the violent, lawless Baghdad of 1987. With his and his family's lives at stake, Latif Yahia is ordered to double for Hussein and must learn to walk, talk and act like him. One wrong move could cost him his life, and Yahia is shocked by Hussein's sadistic, drug-addled lifestyle of fast cars, easy sex and impulsive violence. With war looming, his family's lives and his own life at stake, Yahia begins to plot his impossible escape from the devil's den. Based on Latif Yahia's chilling autobiographical novel, The Devil's Double was directed by Lee Tamahori (Die Another Day) and shot on location in Malta, doubling for Iraq. To view the short clip of The Devil's Double being filmed click here .


The correct answer is: The movie, its production, storyline, or release.


I am so excited about the new movie from DreamWorks Pictures' THE HELP! It comes out in theatres Wednesday, August 10th!! I am very excited to be viewing this while I am at BlogHer'11 in San Diego in a week!! I've included the synopsis and trailer for you to view just in case you haven't already seen it. Based on one of the most talked about books in years and a #1 New York Times


The correct answer is: Watching intentions.


Kung Fu Panda 2 partners with Zynga for the first-ever integration in CityVille Dreamworks Pictures and Paramount have partnered with Zynga in order to create a new in-game item and quest for players of the popular game CityVille to promote the opening of Kung Fu Panda 2. According to the press release, CityVilles 88 million+ and more Kung Fu Panda 2 teams with CityVille - Reuters Scribbal Kung Fu Panda 2 teams with CityVille Reuters NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - DreamWorks Animation, Paramount Pictures and social gaming giant Zynga on Friday unveiled the first-ever advertising integration within Zyngas CityVille to promote the theatrical release of Kung Fu … Zynga Announces CityVille Integration With Kung Fu Panda 2 Now Playing in CityVille : Kung Fu Panda 2 Kotaku Zynga Partners With DreamWorks To Bring Kung Fu Panda 2 Themed Quest To CityVille Scribbal - Gamezebo - all 63 news articles Zynga and DreamWorks sign deal bringing Kung Fu Panda 2 to Facebook hit CityVille - Pocket Gamer Zynga and DreamWorks sign deal bringing Kung Fu Panda 2 to Facebook hit CityVille Pocket Gamer Not content with bringing Lady Gaga to Facebook hit FarmVille, developer Zynga has signed a deal with DreamWorks Animation to bring Kung Fu Panda 2 to build-em-up CityVille . CityVille is Zyngas most popular title by monthly active. Kung Fu Panda 2 belly flops into CityVille with in-game promotion - News (blog) Kung Fu Panda 2 belly flops into CityVille with in-game promotion News (blog) Jack Black-er-Po, the Kung Fu Panda, has drop-kicked his way into CityVille to promote his next big flick, aptly-named Kung Fu Panda 2. Players who log into the game will be greeted by CityVille Sam, Digest powered by RSS Digest


The correct answer is: Sales promotions and other products related to the movie.


The amount of comic book movies this year is borderline comical. Green Hornet Priest Thor X-men: First Class Green Lantern Transformers 3 Captain America Spiderman Batman and in 2012 Avengers Superman (reboot) GI Joe 2 Iron Man 3 Ant-Man Wolverine 2 And those are just the ones I can name off the top of my head.


The correct answer is: The genre


Here's a second preview clip of the Lincoln Lawyer: Li...Movie Trailer More at


The correct answer is: The trailer (Choose only if the trailer is the main topic of the blog post)


Film Reviews: Adapted from 1972 Charles Bronson pic, "The Mechanic" has been dusted off and retooled as a vehicle for Jason Statham.


The correct answer is: Critics' reviews on the movie


Just looked through a few websites to see what is coming out this year, and there are 18 movies that I am looking forward to. There are going to be more once I learn more about them, but this is my list for now. The Green Hornet (1/14) - I'm not really sure about this one. The trailer doesn't really do anything for me, but I am not going to start missing Michel Gondry movies. Biutiful (1/28 limited) Here's another one that I don't really know anything about. But it was directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and stars Javier Bardem. Cedar Rapids (2/11 limited) Miguel Arteta directed Youth in Revolt last year and it seemed to have pretty mixed reactions from people that I know. I suspect this one will be pretty similar. Another sort of weird comedy. Ed Helms, John C Reilly, and a few other recognizable people in supporting roles, what it takes to get into Sundance with a comedy these days. Hall Pass (2/25) The Farrelly Brothers are pretty hit or miss and have probably missed more than anything lately, but I still want to see their new movie for some reason. Paul (3/18) I don't really need to try to explain why I want to see this one. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Super (4/1) James Gunn. What else do you need to know? Your Highness (4/8) This is another one of those movies that I am not completely sure why I included on the list. It's directed by David Gordon Green and stars James Franco and Danny McBride as two medieval brothers on some sort of quest involving magic and pot and Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel.  So I guess I included it because it has Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel. Scream 4 (4/15) I'm a huge fan of the series, and was pretty stoked to see that the everybody came back.  I wouldn't be putting it on the list if Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson weren't involved. Bridesmaids (5/13)  This one will probably suck, but Paul Feig directed it and I'm a pretty huge fan of his stuff, and Kristen Wiig is pretty funny most of the time. The Hangover 2 (5/26) The first one was hilarious.  Let's see if they can capture that same thing again. Super 8 (6/10) The movie on the list that I know the least about, but that seems to be pretty common for anyone writing anything about this movie.  I know it's about aliens, I know it's a period piece, I know JJ Abrams made it and Steven Spielberg has something to do with it. That's enough to get me intrigued. Harry Potter part 7.2 (7/15) I thought the first part of The Deathly Hallows was great, and I can't wait to see the second part. I'm just disappointed that I have to wait 7 months. 30 Minutes or Less (8/12) I know very little about this one other than Jesse Eisenberg is re-teaming with the director of Zombieland. Piranha 3DD (9/16) Piranha 3D was definitely one of my favorite movies of the year. If they can capture that same feeling of fun in the sequel it will be well worth watching. Wanderlust (10/7) I know nothing at all about this other than it is directed by David Wain, written by Wain and Ken Marino and Paul Rudd is in it. The Muppets (11/23) Not sure about this until I see a trailer, but it's a Muppet movie it should be good.  And it will be interesting to see what Jason Segal and the Flight of the Conchords guys do with it. Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol (12/16) I'm kind of surprised that I am putting this on the list at all. I didn't like the first 2 very much and only went to see the 3rd because a friend wanted to go. But I really liked part 3, and am actually excited to see if they can do it again. We Bought a Zoo (12/23) - Cameron Crowe, he hasn't made a bad movie yet.


The correct answer is: A list of movies (Choose only if the movie appears as part of a list with none or almost no additional details)



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