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In today's business environment, executives must cope with volatility and high levels of uncertainty. The Jerusalem School of Business Administration, Israel's leading business school, prepares its graduates to meet these challenges and gives them the tools that will enable them to lead and succeed.

Since its establishment in 1952 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the School's goal has been to develop the next generation of business leaders and push the envelope of knowledge in the field of business management.

The School has won broad international recognition and is the top Israeli institution in international rankings of academic business schools. The school was ranked No. 44 in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities by Subject Fields, coming ahead of all the leading European universities other than those in England.

The more than 2,000 students in the School must meet stiff entrance requirements. Our alumni are innovative and creative executives with a global orientation, capable of analyzing complex problems in real time and making and implementing decisions under difficult conditions. Proof of this is the high demand for our graduates in the labor market.

The School offers a wide variety of study tracks:

• B.A. in business administration

• B.A. in accounting

• Fourth-year program in accounting

• Special B.A. programs for outstanding students

• MBA programs

• Executive MBA programs

• Doctoral studies

The School of Business Administration maintains wide-ranging mutual relationships with leading academic and business institutions all over the world. The study programs offer student-exchange frameworks, international conferences in Israel and abroad and direct exposure to the modern business environment.

The faculty members at the School are first-rank academics and professionals, who received their academic training at the world's finest universities. The lecturers are at the forefront of knowledge in their fields and teach material that is parallel to that studied in the most prestigious academic institutions in the world.