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Student Testimonials

"A high academic level, some practical work exposure and a quality social environment are what make the School of Business Administration at the Hebrew University special and the best school in the country.

"The encouragement of excellence and the variety of tracks offered to all the students pursuing the degree create a basis for enrichment and expanding our horizons. The School offers diverse extra-curricular activities, including those that allow us to contribute to society and to the community.

"I believe that the tools I acquired to date will help me in the future, whatever path I choose to take.”

Rotem Yarkoni

"From the first day of the academic year I felt like I'd come to the right place, and now, as I'm finishing, I can say for sure that at the School of Business Administration I got a foundation for development and growth, as well as substantial knowledge.

"The elite faculty and the varied curricula gave me capabilities and provided fertile ground for social, political and business activities both within the university and outside it.

"During my studies I was able to initiate and participate in a lot of enrichment activities at the school, which provided me and my fellow students with first-hand opportunities to experience the world of business in Israel in all its diversity.”

Yoss Jacobs

"When I decided to study business administration I looked for a program that would give me knowledge and tools that would help me in the future. The School of Business Administration provided me with broad and in-depth knowledge and opened up all aspects of the business world for me.

"The programs are of high quality, the courses are interesting, and the enrichment activities, the support and the professional lecturers create an environment that encourages excellence and social action. The course of study turned into an amazing experience in which I was able to advance academically, meet quality people, formulate opinions and enjoy a new and exciting social life.

"The combination of challenging studies with work and volunteering were part of a process of learning and development that was challenging and satisfying. The Hebrew University was the right choice for me, and the best possible first step toward my future.”

Ella Mazor