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Global Seminar Series

The Global Seminar Series is a free, online seminar consists of 5 zoom seminars bringing together students and faculty from five countries (Argentina, Austria, Israel, United Kingdom, and the United States) and five leading business schools to learn and exchange ideas on a select topic in international business. Sign-up for the entire series and receive a joint certificate from the five participating universities or sign up for individual seminars.

Global Seminar Series - Spring 2021

How About the Future of Business: Creating a Sustainable World

International business and the global economy face enormous challenges from external forces like the global pandemic, the rise of nationalism, and global climate change as well as internal impacts such as unethical business practices, fair labor and trade, and speculation and uncertainty in the financial markets. How will business sustain itself and how can business support the sustainability of our global community?

Through a series of seminars, we will bring together students and faculty from five leading business schools in five countries (Argentina, Austria, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel) to explore how business can create a sustainable world. Using the UN Sustainability Goals as a benchmark, we will learn and exchange ideas on developing and leading sustainable strategic initiatives, creating new digital business models, and using proper metrics and measurements to ensure effective sustainable growth.

Professors from around the world will present on these topics.

Sign-up for the entire series and receive a joint certificate from the five participating universities or sign up for individual seminars.



Seminar 1 - Monday, April 12, 16:00 IDT

Professor: Dr. Christof Miska, Vienna School of Economics and Business

Topic: The UN Sustainability Goals and Business

Seminar 2 - Monday, April 19, 16:00 IDT

Professor: Dr. James Roberts, University of Leeds

Topic: Strategic Sustainable Initiatives

Seminar 3 - Wednesday, April 21, 16:00 IDT

Professor: Dr. Dan Marom, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Topic: Corporate Social Responsibility in Sustainable Initiatives

Seminar 4 - Monday, April 26, 16:00 IDT

Professor: Prof. Damian Sztarkman, Universidad de San Andres

Topic: Sustainable Business Models for Digital Economy

Seminar 5 - Wednesday, April 28 (Extended Session), 16:00 IDT

Professor: Dr. Al Chen, NC State University

Topic: Understanding Corporate Sustainability Performance Metrics

Seminar Debrief Discussion: Jessica Yinka Thomas

*The seminar series is open to undergraduate in their 3rd year and graduate students

**To be eligible for the certificate signed by all five institutions, you must participate in all five sessions.

For questions, please contact us at: