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The Jerusalem School of Business Administration offers a PhD program aimed at training first-class researchers in the field of business administration. Graduates emerge with a prestigious degree that will open doors to a wide range of career opportunities in academia or in the business world.

The program offers a combination of a broad integrated vision of the business world with in-depth specialization in a specific field. Graduates fill leadership roles in academia, the public sector and the business world, and make extensive use of the experience acquired during the course of their studies.

The doctoral program numbers around 30 students doing research in a wide variety of fields. There is an option to earn an interdisciplinary degree through a combined study program that includes advisers from other academic fields.

How to apply

The body responsible for doctoral students at the Hebrew University is the Research Students Authority. The application and registration procedures and the regulations for research students at the Hebrew University can be found on the website of the Office of the Academic Secretary.

1. The PhD program requires research into a contemporary field of business administration.

2. The PhD program has two entrance tracks

• A student who has an M.A. with a research thesis can apply directly for Stage A (preparing a research proposal). The Research Students Committee can require a candidate to complete additional relevant courses before being admitted to Stage A.

• A student who earned an M.A. without a thesis can apply for "preliminary research student” status, and will have to write a research paper equivalent to an M.A. thesis.

3. The Business School encourages students to apply if they have an interest in a research career, high academic achievements and good potential. The School accepts doctoral candidates from a wide range of disciplines, including business administration, economics, psychology, statistics, natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, sociology, computer sciences and the humanities.

4. Applications must be submitted to the office of the Business School's student secretariat (Room 4120) to Mrs. Maya Dagan-Ashkenazi, the doctoral program coordinator (Tel. 02-588-1698), for review by the schools' Research Student Committee. The application must include the following documents:

• Application for candidacy as a research student (click here to download the application form).

• Transcripts of all previous academic studies.

• Two letters of reference from academic faculty members, at least one of whom served as the student's adviser on a research study or seminar paper. The letters should relate specifically to the ability and motivation of the applicant to conduct research.

These letters must be sent by the references directly to the Research Student Committee via Mrs. Maya Dagan-Ashkenazi, and not delivered by the applicant.

• A resume that details all the places the applicant has been employed, including descriptions of the jobs performed. The resume should also list published articles or those submitted for publication, scientific reports that were not published, presentations made at conferences or any other scientific/professional activity.

• A one-page statement of intent, in which the applicant explains his motives for pursuing research, the subject he wishes to research, and how he feels his work will contribute to the field.

5. The Business School's Research Student Committee convenes three times a year (in April, July and December) to evaluate new applicants. The committee will accept those applicants believed most likely to succeed in conducting research. The committee may consider inviting applicants for a personal interview.

6. If accepted, the candidate will be bound to the course of study set for him by his advisory committee and in accordance with the curriculum required in his field of specialty.

Acceptance requirements

Preliminary research status: A student who earned his MBA in the regular track with a final grade of at least 85 can apply for preliminary research status. A student whose application is accepted will write a research paper equivalent to a master's thesis on which he must receive a grade of at least 85, and must take supplementary courses in coordination with his doctoral adviser.

Stage A: A student who completed his MBA in the research track, or has a M.A. with a master's thesis in other fields; whose course grades and thesis grade are at least 85; and whose adviser agrees does not need any supplementary courses can apply to be accepted as a Stage A doctoral candidate through the Research Students Authority.

The Business School's Research Students Committee convenes three times a year, in April, July and December. All the documents that are part of the application must be submitted a month before the relevant committee meeting.

The Research Students Committee

The Business School's Research Students Committee is comprised of academic faculty members from various specialties. Among its tasks: Establishing program policies, accepting new PhD candidates, approving scholarships and more.

The course of studies

The course of studies for the PhD comprises three main stages:

• Preliminary research student (where applicable): Completing a master's-equivalent thesis and taking the additional coursework required by the MBA research track.

• Stage A: A research student who has been accepted to Stage A will begin preparing his research proposal, which must be submitted to the Research Student Authority within two years of registration.

• Stage B: After the research proposal is approved, the student moves to Stage B.

During the period of study, the student will have to meet the following criteria:

A. The studies during the preliminary research period and during Stage A can take no more than two years each. Stage B can take no more than two-and-a-half years.

B. Once a year the research student must fill out a progress report, to which the dissertation adviser must add his opinion. Three reports stating a low opinion or lack of progress constitute grounds for dropping the student from the program. These reports must be submitted every April to Mrs. Maya Dagan-Ashkenazi.

C. At the end of Stage A and in the middle of Stage B, there will be a seminar conducted to be attended by the instructors in the specialty, research students in the specialty and researchers with advanced knowledge in the field. The head of the specialty will give the Research Student Committee the opinion of the instructors on the quality of the research presented.

D. A research student must regularly participate in the seminars held by his or her specialty department, and the heads of the departments will submit a report on the students' participation every semester.

E. From time to time the Research Student Committee may ask to interview research students about which its information is incomplete, to get a more in-depth impression of them.

F. A dissertation adviser who is not satisfied with the student's progress will submit a detailed explanation to the Research Student Committee, in which he will recommend that the student be assigned a different adviser or that his studies be stopped.

G. Research students must achieve grades of at least 85 in all their courses and seminar work.

Scholarships and research funds

The Jerusalem School of Business Administration will do its utmost to help research students get scholarships, whether from the School or from research funds.

Applying for a scholarship

From time to time there are announcements regarding scholarships being offered to doctoral students at the University or at the School of Business Administration specifically. Procedures for applying will be specified in these announcements.

Criteria for obtaining a scholarship

• A doctoral student in Stage A or Stage B

• Demonstrable progress in one's research work

• Academic excellence: High grades

• Participation in the academic activities of the School of Business Administration

• Part-time (up to half-time) work at a non-University job

• A recommendation from the dissertation adviser

Additional information can be obtained from the Research Student Administration.

Stopping one's studies

To preserve the high level of the doctoral program, the Research Student Committee monitors the progress of the students in the program. If a student's progress is deemed insufficient, his studies may be halted. The procedure for dropping someone from a doctoral program is always coordinated with the dissertation adviser even if the committee initiates it.

The process includes the following stages:

A. A progress discussion: A meeting of committee members with the adviser and head of the department, in which the student's academic performance is discussed. At the end of the meeting it will be decided whether to allow the student to continue as previously, or to begin a procedure of re-evaluating his status.

B. A letter to the student: If it emerges during the meeting that the student's academic performance is not appropriate for the School, a letter will be sent to the student detailing the committee's reservations about his progress.

C. Terms for continuing: This letter will also set down the terms of the student's continuing his studies, as agreed with the adviser. Non-compliance will allow the committee to stop the student's studies with no further warnings. These conditions may include lectures, courses that must be taken, or even the writing of a scientific essay.

D. A decision on stopping a student's studies must be made by a two-thirds majority of the committee members. A detailed explanation of the decision will be sent to the Research Students Authority.

Studies abroad

Requests to do some training at leading universities abroad will be considered, either during one's doctoral studies, or after they are completed, in a post-doctoral framework.

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