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Email and Computer Access

The Hebrew University makes every effort to provide state-of-the-art computer facilities and services on campus and for use with students' personal laptops.
The computer support staff is available to assist you.

Technical Support– can be found at all computer centers around the University.

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 8:00AM–4:00PM

Public Computer Facilities

Computer center regular hours during the academic year:

Sunday: 9:00 AM–10:00 PM
Monday–Wednesday: 8:00 AM–10:00 PM Thursday: 8:00 AM–7:00 PM

(Please note: summer hours may be different).

Setting up a Public Computer Account

To use the public computers you must create a Hebrew University computer account. You will need your Student ID number and a personal code (received at registration).

1) Go to the website:
Enter your student ID number (first 8 digits) and your personal code.

2) A declaration of proper use will appear. You must agree in order to be able to continue.

3) Enter your details and create a username according to the guidelines on the website.

4) After choosing a password, you will be registered and will be able to access the system.

Please remember your username, password and personal code for future use.

To change your public computer account password, repeat stages 1-4.

Connecting your Personal Computer to the University Network

On campus

Wireless connection:
You may use the HUJI-Guest network.

This is a limited connection for quick Internet access. For an unlimited connection (i.e., with access to restricted library resources) you must:

1.Create a Remote Access account at

2. Download and install the Samba VPN client from

3.Connect to the HUJI-NetX network and log in using your RA account and the VPN client. For further information click here.

Wired connection:

Public ports for wired laptop connections are available in the Rothberg International School library on the first floor, as well as in Social Sciences Building1, the Bloomfield Library for Humanities and Social Sciences (the main library) the Archaeology Library and the Law Library. A Remote Access account (see above) and an Ethernet Cable are required. For further information click here.

Connecting off campus

1.Student housing
  • Students may set up an ADSL connection with Bezeq (the phone company) or a cable Internet connection with HOT (the cable company) to connect their computers to the Internet.
  • Residents of Idelson (Bronfman) 18, 19, 20 and Reznik 5, 6, 13 may use public ports to connect laptops (Remote Access account + Ethernet cable required).
2. From home
  • Students may set up an Internet connection with Bezeq/HOT to connect their computers to the Internet.

4. For access to library resources etc. from outside of campus you must connect using a Remote Access account and a Samba VPN connection. This connection can be used wherever there's Internet access.


B/W laser printers are located in rooms 107 and the library. You may print from any of the public computers in the Boyar Building at a cost of NIS 0.15/page. You can use a smart card ("Mafil"), which can be purchased and recharged in the Computer Centers on campus and the main library, or your personal credit card (please note: it may be more expensive to use a credit card due to currency differences).
Color laser, transparency and duplex printers are available at the Computer Centers on campus.


A scanner is located next to printer at the library. Scanning is free of charge.

File Storage Options

Your data will not be saved on public computers once they've been restarted.

Always backup your important files.

A. Drive KPersonal Network Drive: Files may be saved in a personal network drive. Being a network-based drive, it may be accessed from any public computer in the University.
A shortcut to it [with the same name as the username] can be found on the Desktop,
or in My Computer. Please note: the personal drive is limited to 100 MB.
To access your drive K from the Internet: go to and login using your username and password. Laptop users can access their personal drive only by using this option.

B. USB Drive('Disk-on-key'/Memory stick/Flash Drive)All computer stations have USB ports.
If your flash drive isn't recognized by the computer – please use the 'Fix usb' icon on the desktop.

University Gmail Account (HUJImail)

Students registered for a full semester or longer are entitled to a HUJImail account. Your username and initial password are given at registration, or can be found in the students' personal info website: > Students > Personal Information.

For more info please go to

If you're using an email client (as opposed to a web-based mailbox), in order to send email from your laptop, you must use the University's outgoing mail server (SMTP): .

Further information and help may be found at or by contacting the support staff.