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Valid Passport

If you do not have a valid passport, you must apply for one IMMEDIATELY! If you already have a passport, make sure that it will be valid for your entire stay abroad. If not, you must apply for a new one that will cover the duration of your trip. Israeli Consulate

Israeli Citizens and/or Those With An Israeli Parent: If you are an Israeli citizen, were born in Israel, or have parents who are Israeli citizens, you MUST contact your local Israeli Consulate before departure. The Consulate staff can clarify and formalize present citizenship status, give information about deferment from military service, issue appropriate travel documents, and advise you as to the appropriate visa. Bring all documents related to Israeli citizenshipandyour letter of admission to the Hebrew University with you. Israeli citizens eligible for military service must obtain an official letter of deferment for at least six months by presenting an official letter of acceptance from the Hebrew University. In Jerusalem, contact the Army Induction Office, Tel: 02-569-4472, with questions or problems.

a. Visas

It is recommended that all students, including external students who will only be studying Hebrew, who are planning to arrive inIsraelfor semester or year programs acquire a multiple-entry A/2 student visa from the Israeli Consulate in their country of residence. This visa is generally issued for 12 months; thus students who are coming for the year are advised to obtain the visa close to their date of departure.

Student Visa - Contact the Israeli Consulate nearest you in order to request a visa application. Your application will be processed upon receipt of all required items and will take a minimum of three weeks.

The following is generally required for obtaining a student visa, although different consulates can require different things:

    • Two copies of the completed visa application form
    • Two current photographs
    • Passport (must be valid for at least six months from date of intended visit)
    • Round trip ticket (Students taking a group flight should contact the travel agent for return ticket confirmation.)
    • An original letter of admission from the Hebrew University of JerusalemA statement showing that all fees have been paid. Students in the United States should contact the Office of Academic Affairs in New York. All other students should contact the Finance Office in Jerusalem.
    • A minor under the age of 18 traveling alone needs a notarized letter from both parents giving permission to travel
    • Processing fee per visa (check with your Consulate for amounts). Payment must be in cash or money order; personal checks are not accepted.
    • You may be asked for a letter from your bank confirming that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses inIsraelfor the full duration of your studies.