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The undergraduate studies in accounting prepare students for a successful career in accounting, in the fields of auditing and finance specifically, and in the business world in general.

The courses are given by Israel’s top lecturers in the fields of practical accounting and business, who are experts in finance, auditing and taxes. Graduates of the department fill key positions at the large accounting firms, the Finance Ministry, the Income Tax Authority and the Securities Authority, as well as in the business sector, and these connections help graduates find jobs after finishing their studies.

The curriculum was formulated to give students the skills they need to handle any aspect of an accounting position at a large CPA firm or in other large organizations. The program gives students particularly broad knowledge of economics and business management.

The program deals with the following fields, among others:

§    Auditing

§    Financial and organizational consulting

§    Strategic planning

§    Practical accounting research

In keeping with the program’s high level, entrance requirements are among the highest at the University. The studies take place over three years with a dual major; the second major can be in any department other than the School of Business Management or the multidisciplinary program for the general B.A.