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Business Administration

The undergraduate program in business administration gives students general knowledge in the various areas of business management. It prepares its graduates to fulfill professional and executive positions in business organizations and gives them a basis for pursuing graduate studies in the field.

The program exposes the students to various aspects of management, stresses the connection between the material studied and Israel's business and institutional sectors, and focuses on developing the ability to cope with executive and high-level research positions so that they can successfully handle the challenges posed by today's volatile business environment.

The program's objectives:

§ To impart in-depth, extensive knowledge of concepts, theories, analytical tools and decision-making methods.

§ To develop the ability to analyze issues and events in a business organization and its environment.

§ To cultivate the ability to apply the material taught to real-life business and institutional environments.

The course of study is dual-major enabling students to enjoy the benefits of studying in the other exceptional departments of the Hebrew University. This is required because, in today's world, a successful career requires a thorough understanding of areas other than business administration.

During their studies, the students are exposed to world-class lecturers and an environment that stresses academic excellence. The fact that the lecturers are at the forefront of knowledge in their fields is a guarantee of quality teaching and student exposure to the most updated developments.

Bachelor's degree studies are spread over three years:

§ First year: Acquiring the basic skills that are the foundation of business and management studies. Courses include math, statistics, economics, accounting, behavioral sciences and how to use the Internet.

§ Second year: A focus on various aspects of management: Finance, marketing, organizational behavior and operations research.

§ Third year: Advanced and integrative courses that bring all the fields of study together. During this year the students do a project whose purpose is to apply everything that was studied in the previous two years and develop the implementation and analytical skills needed to cope with organizational challenges.

During the undergraduate studies, there is an emphasis on the social atmosphere and on working in groups, which encourages the students to work cooperatively, as part of a team, and to forge connections that go beyond those stemming from one's studies.