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East Asian Studies

Combined Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and East Asian Studies

The economies of East Asia are growing at the fastest rate in the world. This rapid economic development presents a wide range of promising financial opportunities for Israeli companies and business people.

The Jerusalem School of Business Administration in conjunction with the Department of Asian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are proud to offer an attractive new program aimed at students interested in leading business collaborations between Israel and the rapidly growing markets of East Asia, especially China.

This groundbreaking Israeli program was created in order to foster and develop the people who will initiate and take charge of the growing financial and business relations between Israel and East Asia.

The program combines business administration studies with classes on Asian culture, society and languages. Its goal is to provide graduates with the tools that will allow them to quickly integrate into the business world. It also aims to provide them with specific advantages for developing business and commercial relations with companies and managers in East Asian countries.

The program is based on a dual department track. Enrolled Students will take courses in both departments, as well as participate in unique integrated courses, developed specifically for this program. In addition, students will participate in a wide range of activities and events designated especially for them. These include lectures by guest speakers, workshops, meetings with leading business personalities, and exclusive business and academic conferences.

To make studying in both departments simultaneously as easy as possible for students, a special track has been designed so there is as little conflict as possible between courses and exams.

Outstanding students who meet the criteria will receive generous grants. They will also participate in foreign exchanges with students from leading Chinese and other universities in Asia.