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With its wide-ranging and influential scope of research, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's School of Business Administration is an internationally recognized leader in knowledge creation. Among our greatest assets are the close partnerships we nurture, bridging academia and the corporate and business world. Our five specialized research centers each create a hub, promoting interaction between faculty members, students, Israeli and international business leaders, through conferences and symposia, cultivating a fruitful focus on change with collaboration on ventures and research initiatives.
 The Asper Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Established in 2001, the Asper Center's mission is to promote Israeli entrepreneurship through supporting community and academic projects. The Center sponsors and runs the HUStart - the entrepreneurship center of the Hebrew University, holds the annual Asper Lecture with leading academic scholars in the fields ofentrepreneurship and innovation and facilitates the Buck "Meet the CEO” lecture series, which introduces students in the School's programs to leaders in Israel's hi-tech and bio-tech industries.The Center also support researchand academic conferences in the areas of strategy and entrepreneurship.

 The Davidson Center for Agribusiness

The Brian Y. Davidson Center for Agribusiness is an interdisciplinary project of the School of Business Administration and the Department of Agricultural Economics and Management, founded in 1988. Research focuses on issues related to marketing, agricultural economics, management and business strategy, for example, the analysis of dynamic processes within the food industry which affect Israeli food growers, manufacturers and retailers. Researchers explore the interplay between domestic and international trends and their ramifications for the Israeli food industry, both as an exporter and importer of food products and related services.

 The K-Mart Center for Retail and International Marketing

Since its establishment in 1991, the K Mart Center for Retail and International Marketing has supported research and teaching in the areas of retailing, marketing, business policy and management, international marketing and marketing management. It serves as a meeting ground between researchers and students of retailing and international marketing and executives and industry leaders in Israel and abroad. The Center conducts symposia and round-table discussions on international retailing trends, focusing on new retail formats and their applicability in Israel, while also supporting training and research projects for students in retail and marketing management and industry.

 The Krueger Center for Finance

The Harvey M. Krueger Center for Finance was established in 1984 to promote professional management and expertise in finance in Israel and to support original research in finance, banking and accounting. Since its establishment, the Center has funded scores of research projects and has published a series of working papers, many of which have appeared in leading professional journals. The Center conducts symposia, seminars and workshops as a means of strengthening the links between Israeli and foreign academics and of promoting the University's involvement in Israel's financial community.